Apple releases iOS 13.6 update 

iOS 13.6 update includes CarKey and Apple News Plus Audio that is available to all users for download.

Apple on Wednesday is launching iOS 13.6. it’s the most recent version of its working software for iPhones. Apple invent always something for its use either it’s any device or any update. Hence, this time it’s a 13.6 update with CarKey and Apple News Plus Audio. Its improved support for system updates, Along with the usual under-the-hood tweaks where the version 13.6 brings a few key new highlights such as the arrival of CarKey as the most notable feature that will let you make virtual keys for upheld vehicles and you will be able to share with friends, family and can store in the Wallet app.

earlier this year, CarKey was introduced as part of the iOS 13.4 update where Apple highlighted this feature at WWDC last month. It featured with its first automotive partner, BMW. Apple included in a statement that the innovation uses the UWB U1 chip of iPhone which in the long run all manufacturers makers will have the option to use it to reliably and securely recognize the position and proximity of the phone. From that point, in case you’re driving a supported vehicle and if you have to get in, then you can simply tap a shown button on your iPhone that will unlock the doors.

There are some other highlights and features included in iOS 13.6 updates such as Apple News Plus Audio. Plus subscribers can use this Apple News Plus Audio feature, where in the Apple News app, users can incorporate narrated audio news stories. 

For all the iPhone users, today’s iOS 13.6 updates with CarKey and Apple News Plus Audio features will be available. You can check the update available on your device. To check it, go to settings and tap the General tab. Then, tap on the Software Update button and wait for the complete update. 

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