Microsoft adding xCloud-streaming to Xbox-Game

Adding xCloud-streaming to Xbox-Game will be able to Pass Ultimate for free this fall and players would access games on smartphones.

 For Xbox game consoles, Microsoft will sweeten the deal by adding cloud gaming features. The release will be in September where players will be able to play games over the internet similar to Netflix movies streaming. 

This upcoming streaming feature is named as Project xCloud which will come to $15 per month players of Xbox Games Pass Ultimate sometime in September. Two years ago’s launched subscription, more than 100 games assessment is included on consoles PCs that can be accessed to Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming social network.

Through xCloud, players will have the option to get to games on smartphones and tablets while in a hurry, streaming visually rich games from Microsoft’s servers to convey comfort quality experiences on a nearly less capable device.

Similar functionality can be seen in Google’s Stadia, Sony’s PlayStation Now, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. The Stadia subscriptions and PlayStation Now subscriptions each cost $10 every month however GeForce Now costs $5 each month.

Though Microsoft has no plans to restrict its xCloud gaming service only for subscribers, the company intends to offer innovation in different manners later on. However, it picked the Xbox Games Pass Ultimate service to debut its streaming technology due to the popular subscriptions, said Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. He further added, “Many of our subscribers are there because they’re a console owner. And all of a sudden they’re going to be able to play over 100 games on their mobile phone.”

On July 23, Microsoft will be hosting an event. In this event, it shows off new games coming for the Xbox Series X having the Halo Infinite that is the most recent in its space war establishment.

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